Lubs quality raw foods: What we can guarantee

Raw food is the term used to describe all fresh, unprocessed foods that can be eaten raw. Dried fruits are also classed as raw foods, providing that the temperature during drying and further processing does not exceed a certain threshold.

We have set a temperature limit of 45 degrees for raw foodstuffs used to make the raw food bar. It can be assumed that, if the temperature does not exceed this threshold, the enzymes it contains remain active and maximum vitamin and mineral levels are preserved.

We also accept sun-drying as an alternative to drying by applying heat. Although the temperature is not controlled at 45 degrees, the natural sunshine ripens the fruits on the tree. The power of the sunshine ripens the fruits and dries them at the same time.

Forty-five degrees is only the maximum possible temperature. Many ingredients such as cashew nuts and almonds are not heated at all and are added to the bars entirely in their natural state. No further heat at all is used for the production of raw food bar on our premises.

The other Lubs fruit bars

For these fruit bars, too, we can guarantee the careful selection of raw materials and processing on our premises without any further heating. Only very few of the bars contain roasted nuts. 

Pineapple Almond

Discover the exotically aromatic flavour of raw pineapple! A delicious combination with almonds and sultanas - raw food bars have never been so scrumptious.

Goji Chia Chai

A triple raw food miracle: the vitality of goji berries, the healing force of chia seeds and the agreeable spiciness of chai tea – cinnamon, cardamom and cayenne pepper – work miracles and taste wonderful!

Cashew Date

Raw food cashew nuts, with their delicate, creamy-sweet aroma are a delectable novelty. The „bread of the desert“ – dates – are abundant in minerals. Together they are the stars in the heavenly world of raw foods!

Cocoa Mint Protein

You‘ll be happy with raw food: the antioxidant strength of raw cocoa beans, refreshing mint, vegetable proteins (15% protein per bar) combined with crunchy cocoa nibs they are a source of pure unadulterated pleasure.