Marzipan bread with dark chocolate

Bittersweet magic: honey-marzipan bread, covered with strong bittersweet chocolate. Just the right amount and not too sweet. An unbeatable combination!

Marzipan bread with milk chocolate

A dream, bathed in fresh milk chocolate. This milk-and-almond treat has a taste you’ll never forget. Don’t miss a chance to try it!

marzipan bread with raw cane sugar

Just an almond fairy tale: Those who know and love marzipan enjoy the succulent quality of this traditionally produced marzipan bread – slice by slice. It is made of aromatic Mediterranean almonds and is a delicious alternative for vegans. 

Lübeck honey marzipan

Genuine almond taste: we use only the best almond paste and organic honey. You’ll notice the smooth consistency and aroma with the very first bite.

Walnut pralines

Honey marzipan, coated with dark chocolate and crowned with an aromatic organic walnut. Voilà: a miniature work of art!