Michael Lubs belonged to the pioneers of the health food industry when he started manufacturing the first fruit bars in 1982 in Kiel from controlled organic cultivation. Right from the start, he avoided the use of preservatives, artificial flavours and sweeteners and as far as possible the use of sugar. And we don’t intend to change this in the future.

Natural and whole – this is the basis on which the sweet delicacies are manufactured by Lubs. That particularly applies to the fruit bars. The pure genuine taste of the fruits, cereals and spices – without sugar and honey – makes our compositions so incomparably tasteful. Today our customers can enjoy fruit bars in more than 20 tasty variations.

We use only the highest quality ingredients that meet our requirements for ripeness, purity and taste and it goes without saying that all ingredients are from controlled organic cultivation. All Lubs products are controlled and certified under the European Union Organic Regulation.

When the Lubs manufacturers moved to Lübeck in 1997, Lübecker Marzipan extended the range. The quality of our marzipan specialities belongs to the noblest traditions, because they are made exclusively from the finest Spanish almonds and pure bee’s honey – without sugars and additives.

Beside the classic marzipan bread, marzipan potatoes and walnut marzipan we seasonally offer our customers a Christmas and Easter range, too. With our delicious honey marzipan specialities, Lubs contributes to the worldwide fame and good reputation of Lübecker Marzipan.

The date confection from Lubs is a sweet seduction from 1001 nights. For this hand-made speciality we only use dates, which are cultivated in a fair trade project in the south of Tunisia. After processing to an aromatic-tender fruit mash, the date confection is covered with a wrapping of coconut. Thus the two taste nuances are combined for delicious pleasure.

At the end of 1999 Lubs was converted into a GmbH (Limited Company in Germany). Since then Lubs has developed to become a specialist for organic confectionary and sweet delicacies.

Today and in the future our Lubs philosophy is the basis for the development and the production of all products:

  • the exclusive use of ingredients from organic cultivation –100%
  • the use of selected high-quality raw materials
  • no use of preservatives, flavours, stabilizers and synthetic food additives
  • production of natural and wholesome sweet goods
  • avoidance of sweeteners and in particular sugar wherever possible
  • fair trade relations with our partners
  • environmentally sound production