For fans of raw food and other health-conscious eaters

All ingredients are superior quality. During the gentle production process, they’re not heated any further. The raw fruit and vegetable range – comprising just a few, but therefore all the more aromatic ingredients. Simply tastes like more.

Raw bars

Ananas Almond

Discover the exotically aromatic flavour of raw pineapple!

Ingredients: pineapples* (38 %), almonds* (25 %), dates*, sultanas* (sultanas*, sunflower oil*)
*certified organically grown

Ø Nutritional values per 100 g per 47 g
Energy 1603 kJ/382 kcal 769 kJ/183 kcal
Fat 14 g 6,7 g
of which saturates 1,2 g 0,6 g
Carbohydrates 53 g 25 g
of which sugars 53 g 25 g
Dietary fibre 8,9 g 4,3 g
Protein 6,9 g 3,3 g
Salt 0,03 g 0,01 g
Raw bars

Cashew Date

Raw food cashew nuts, with their delicate, creamy-sweet aroma are a delectable novelty. The „bread of the desert“ – dates – are abundant in minerals. Together they are the stars in the heavenly world of raw foods!

Ingredients: dates* (60 %), cashews* (40 %)
*certified organically grown

Ø Nutritional values per 100 g per 47 g
Energy 1795 kJ/429 kcal 844 kJ/202 kcal
Fat 20 g 9,2 g
of which saturates 3,5 g 1,6 g
Carbohydrates 52 g 24 g
of which sugars 46 g 22 g
Dietary fibre 6,5 g 3,1 g
Protein 8,4 g 3,9 g
Salt 0,02 g 0,01 g
Raw bars

Goji Chia Chai

A triple raw food miracle: the vitality of goji berries, the healing force of chia seeds and the agreeable spiciness of chai tea – cinnamon, cardamom and cayenne pepper – work miracles and taste wonderful!

Ingredients: dates*, almonds*, goji berries* (15 %), chia seeds* (8 %), spices* (1 %) (cinnamon*, cardamom*, pimento*, clove*, cayenne pepper*)
*certified organically grown

Ø Nutritional values per 100 g per 47 g
Energy 1809 kJ/433 kcal 608 kJ/145 kcal
Fat 22,3 g 6,1 g
of which saturates 2,1 g 0,6 g
Carbohydrates  40,3 g 17 g
of which sugars 36 g 16 g
Dietary fibre 11,6 g 4,2 g
Protein 12,1 g 3,3 g
Salt 0,23 g 0,02 g
Raw bars

Cocoa Mint Protein

You‘ll be happy with raw food: the antioxidant strength of raw cocoa beans, refreshing mint, vegetable proteins (15% protein per bar) combined with crunchy cocoa nibs they are a source of pure unadulterated pleasure.

Ingredients: dates*, sunflower kernels*, goji berries*, cocoa powder* (7 %), hemp protein powder*, cocoa nibs* , (5 %), mint oil* (0,1 %)
*certified organically grown

Ø Nutritional values per 100 g per 47 g
Energy 1748 kJ/418 kcal 822 kJ/196 kcal
Fat 19 g 8,7 g
of which saturates 4,0 g 1,9 g
Carbohydrates 43 g 20 g
of which sugars 32 g 15 g
Dietary fibre 10 g 4,7 g
Protein 15 g 7,2 g
Salt 0,27 g 0,13 g

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