Herstellung von Fruchtriegeln

Our production focus

We only use the best ingredients to guarantee the superior quality and aromatic, genuine taste of our products.

Fruit bars & fruit confectionery

Only the best aromatic dried fruit is good enough for our fruit confectionery and high-quality kernels and grains for our fruit bars – because no additives and artificial flavourings are used in our recipes, the superior quality of the fruit and nuts is especially important.

All our ingredients are inspected thoroughly with regard to their origin, taste and purity and carefully picked by hand where necessary.


By gently processing and not heating the fruit and grains, most of the valuable vitamins and secondary phytochemicals are preserved. The kernels and almonds are carefully roasted for just a very few products.


Only the best almonds from sunny Spain are destined for Lubs marzipan. The almonds are washed carefully and dust, bits of shell and foreign bodies are removed by sieving them several times. The almonds are dipped in hot water at 90° to 100° in two steps and then peeled.

A sorter separates out any imperfect almonds before they’re picked over by hand once again. The peeled almonds are sprayed with water in perforated drums and washed again with care.

They are then coarsely chopped in mixing and weighing equipment before an exact amount of mild liquid honey is added. Granite rolling mills then crush and refine the almonds.

Herstellung Marzipan

The purpose of roasting them evenly in open copper roasting boilers over a long period of time is to sterilise them, minimise water content to preserve them and to develop the taste.

The last step is to place the marzipan in rotating copper dishes and cool it by adding sterile air.


Our aromatic nut nougat is made of freshly roasted, crushed hazelnuts, cocoa mass, cocoa butter and cane sugar and conched gently until a fine and creamy nougat mass is produced.

For the creamy, pale almond nougat, the finest, roasted almonds from the Mediterranean are ground carefully, mixed with an ideal proportion of cocoa butter and cane sugar and also gently conched.