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Where we source our ingredients from

Here we’re listing some of our ingredients and explaining where we get them from.

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Our dates come from the Sekem farm

The delicate date originally comes from sub-tropical Africa. Nowadays, it’s primarily encountered on a widespread scale in north Africa but also Australia, Texas, Mexico and southern Europe. The fruit is rich in carbohydrates, which mostly consist of easily digestible invert sugar of the type contained in honey.

The Sekem Group has been our Fairtrade partner from the beginning. The Sekem initiative has spent over 30 years encouraging organic cultivation of produce and ensuring that education, parenting and social advancement schemes have integrated approaches.


Our pineapples come from Kipepeo

Christopher Columbus brought the pineapple to Europe from the West Indies in 1493. And even today, it’s still grown in the Tropics.

Lubs sources its pineapple from the Kipepeo project in Africa or Sri Lanka. Kipepeo is our Fairtrade partner for the pineapple we use in our fruit bars and fruit confectionery. They import organic and Fairtrade-certified fruit (fresh and dried) from their own or partner projects in Africa and Thailand and ensure that farmers in their regions have work and are paid at fair prices.

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Our apples come from our own region

The apple originally comes from eastern Europe around the Black Sea. Over thousands of years, it’s spread all over the world. The apple quenches thirst naturally due to its high water content and acidity. The body quickly uses the fructose.

For its apple black currant bars from the local region, Lubs only uses apples from organic fruit producer Augustin from the Altes Land area, the traditional fruit-growing territory on the Lower Elbe between Stade and Hamburg. The company procures all its apples from the Augustin Group, which is committed to cultivating organic fruit that stands apart for its excellent quality and taste.