Lubs Historisches Produktbild

Natural food from the very beginning

Back in the days Michael Lubs performed his community service on a biodynamic farm which led to an important turning point in terms of his nutrition and lifestyle as early as in the eighties. He lived in a small garden house near the city Kiel, experimented a lot in the kitchen with the preparations of healthy and tasty foods and grew his own vegetables.

One day he was given an old kitchen utensil. Inspired by his love for sweets, the new tool should soon after help him making delicious fruit slices from dried fruits and almonds. These natural fruit bars not only surprised Michael Lubs but should also inspire other nature lovers. Based on this believe, Lubs was founded in 1982.

The environment is paramount

Producing fruit bars from dried fruits made Michael Lubs become a real pioneer in the natural food industry. From the beginning it was important to Michael to use organic raw materials only to prevent any destructions of the environment. Due to the aromatic nuts and the natural sugars from dried fruits the fruit bars became naturally sweet and unique in flavour.

The pathway to Lübeck

In the nineties Lubs company was moved to beautiful Lübeck. With Lübeck being the city of marzipan, Lubs also extended its assortment with original Lübeck marzipan. This not only contains a high proportion of almonds and mild honey but is also coated with the finest chocolate. As a responsible company Lubs has ever since been producing highest quality confectionery.

The processed raw materials only come from organic farming. This can also be guaranteed by our regular quality controls.

Regionally sourced ingredients & Fair Trade

We’ve been committed to Lübeck as a production site since 1997 and this is where all our production takes place. Our apple-redcurrant bars are our first fruit bars with apples from our own region.

Whenever we have to obtain ingredients from outside Europe, such as dates, pineapples, cashew nuts, cocoa, coconut or spirulina, we always operate fair trade policies with our partners. We give preference to ingredients with the Fair Trade symbol. We are fully committed to certified organic farming. Consequently, we support local agricultural structures in the regions in which cultivation takes place so that the water, soil and climate are protected and value creation takes place locally.

Environmental protection & sustainability

Our production processes save. primary energy. Our company’s premises are also located on biological foundations, which have been designed with renewable resources all the way to the insulation and the garden has domestic trees, plants and seeds. A comprehensive sustainability concept is currently being drawn up.


Company building

Transparent communication

We place huge emphasis on communicating transparently with our customers. German law states that compound ingredients only have to be listed when they account for more than 2% of the product’s total weight. We’re committed to declaring everything that’s in our products. In other words, every single ingredient must be listed. As a result, customers with allergies or food intolerances can be on the safe side.